Brand Marketing Intern

Brand Marketing Intern
Location: Noida
We at HCL, believe that employees are the heart of any organisation. So, when we saw that the leaders of tomorrow are still stuck with the internships of yesterday, we decided to give the entire experience a world-class overhaul. We believe the time has come to set a new standard in internships by turning it into an experience fit for the 21st century.
Role Summary
The intern will be part of our Employer Brand Team and will be responsible for creating go to market strategies for this employee value proposition. The role requires for the intern to influence following key stakeholder through the employer brand and related campaigns: Active & Passive Talent, employees, customers, analysts and media. You will be working closely with the senior leadership in evangelising HCL’ s employer brand to these stakeholders. This will give you the opportunity to partner closely with Marketing leadership to launch and sustain campaigns that drive the positioning of HCL’ s employer value
What’s Required from you?
• Good communication skills
• Good market intelligence, analytical and decision making skills
• Talkative thinker who happens have a keen interest in marketing
• Marketing graduate organized, efficient, flexible and versatile team player who works hard, excels in any environment and gets consistent result
• A mix of proactive and reactive responsibilities, requiring outstanding time-management skills, attention to detail and end-to-end process excellence

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