Online Marketing Internship at Mumbai for Tech Startup

Job Title: Online Marketing Internship

Job Location: Mumbai

Stipend: INR 5000+ per month

Company Name: Lithasa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

InvenZone is a platform for researchers and scientist, bringing the next level advancements at a faster pace. It makes discovery of scientific knowledge easier by providing answers to complex questions and adds value by providing a chance to have focused conversations around the scientific data.

Learn like never before by getting experience in Online Marketing at one of India’s Leading Tech Startups chosen to be in the top 100 Asian Startups.

The key internship learnings include:

1. Strategizing and planning for social media with a high target driven approach

2. Implementing and executing ideas through online medium keeping in mind the behaviour of the target market

3. Use of social media tools and analytics (like hootsuite, socialbakers)

4. Monitoring and analysing the social media trends and utilizing them in the strategy

5. Engaging audience in interactions and managing any conversations

6. Managing Company Blog and forming a content strategy

7. Tracking of all the online activity

8. Online Reputation Management

Details of internship

Desired profile: Specify following

Education: BBM, BMS, BBA, BTech, BE

Experience: Any previous internship in a similar field will be preferred.

Duration of internship: 3-6 months

How to apply: Send your applications on

2 Responses to “Online Marketing Internship at Mumbai for Tech Startup”

  1. Bobchéva says:

    I would like to do an internship in your university. I soeak several languages and I’m currently studyng in ULG( Belgun university).The internship’s duration is of one month.

  2. Ronok Patel says:

    Hey! I’m studying in First year of Electronics Engineering from Atharva College, Malad; can I get this intership?

    Egarly waiting for your reply..!

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