Web Developer Internship at BuyAtIndia in Bhopal

We are looking for Interns for the post of a Web Developer. If you are well versed with programming languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and AJAX, you are the perfect candidate for this post. It is better if you are from an Engineering background, preferably CS/IT. But this is not a constraint. Others with the mentioned skillset can also apply.

Duration of the internship would be 1-2 months.

Stipend would not be provided initially, but you might get a chance to work with us in future. Also you will get to work with experts in your field, so you’ll learn a lot.

How to apply: Interested candidates can send their resumes to buyatindia@indianinternship.com

Place of Internship: Bhopal.
Please give sufficient contact details like email and phone to avoid unnecessary mails and delays.

2 Responses to “Web Developer Internship at BuyAtIndia in Bhopal”

  1. mukul chand gupta says:

    i m engineeering student belongs to information technology branch
    i need full criteria of these jobs or intrenship

  2. Govinda says:

    I am B.C.A. 6 sem student. and I want to do internship for 1 just month on the topic of webdesign. I also want certificate of the internship in Asp.net language. I have basic knowledge of programing language………

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