Academic Pure Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Internship

Job Title: Intern/Associate (5-10 spots available)

Job Title: Academic Pure Science Internship

Job Location: Virtual, any time of the year

Stipend: 4000-8000 (depending on performance/experience)

Company Name: AD Science Foundation.

Overview of internship: Write brief summary of internship.

Company profile: Offers Internships to encourage spirit of science education among college graduates in English/Local language.

Details of internship
Desired profile:
1) *Very* strong background in Mathematics or Physics or Chemistry or Biology
2) Proficiency (reading/writing) in a local language (including but not limited Indian national languages)
3) Ability to research scientific terms, concepts in local language
4) Ability to use MS Word/ Latex (preferred)/Unicode html (preferred if translation is involved)

Eligibility: Any person studying Engineering/BSc/MSc/MBBS who is *passionate* about the pure sciences. 5-10 spots available.

Duration of internship: Variable (1 – 3 months)

How to apply: Email us at

Please do not send your resume without giving considerable thought.
1) the discipline (Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
2) the language you are proficient in.
3) Answer the following questions in English AND a local language (simplest possible answers)

Math: Proof for sum of two Sides of triangle greater than the third Side
Physics: Relationship between period of a pendulum and its amplitude
Chemistry: What is a combustion reaction?
Biology: what is the difference between DNA and RNA.

All applications that do not give due consideration to the above idea will be rejected.

4 Responses to “Academic Pure Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Internship”

  1. Divya Goel says:

    Contact me as soon as possible

  2. apurva shyam says:

    I am a student of biology and I have a strong passion for pure science contact me as soon as possible

  3. thamane hloaele says:

    i did bsc in physics, chemistry and biology, so now i am strugling to get an intern so that i can have experience. i will be very pleased if i can get such offer and i also have a year experience in lab assistance.

  4. reena yadav says:

    I am msc applied physics student
    last sem my PG course i want doing winter internship
    my basic concept very clear. so i requested any event about this inform me

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