Interns needed for Web-development, Web-Designing & Web Marketing – Bangalore

Job Location : Bangalore


Icona Blare is looking for youngsters with die hard passion for programming, designing interactive web pages or web marketing; to offer its holistic and comprehensive training program.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for free and radical thinkers to join our team. The kinds who have the question ‘Why?’ embedded on the first line; of the first page of their thinking dictionaries. We need people who can question the accepted norms; twist them, turn them and break them up into pieces and then recollect them and see if they can form a new sculpture out of those pieces.

It really doesn’t matter what position you apply for within our organization. If you successfully become a part of our company, you become the part of the quantum change that will redefine the design industry in india. For you to identify and redefine those changes you need to posses following attributes to your personality:

1. Be a free thinker!
2. Analytical Thinking.
3. The ability to question deeply and critically.
4. Basic understanding of Design & Design based thinking.
5. Good command over your languages and vocabulary.
6. Good presentation & interpersonal communication skills.
7. Ability to work Long Hours.
8. Have the question of ‘Why?’ in your arsenal.

How to Apply?

Submit your resume at

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