Campus Ambassador for Bugscore

Bugscore ( is the first website that allows you to score any person, product or business on Earth. Bugscore allows you to score your favorite athletes, politicians, actors, gadgets, movies, songs, businesses and Universities on a range of attributes from 0 to 100. By getting a profile on Bugscore and getting the people that know you to score you, you can also unlock your personal scorecard and get an advantage in the recruitment process and get those dream jobs anywhere in the world!

Your responsibilities:
• To introduce to your University.
• To generate brand awareness.
• To implement social & viral campaigns to bring traffic from social networks to our website.
• To engage customers through social media platform.

Required skills: Good communication skills(especially in English), active presence in social networks, creativity.

Incentives: Based on performance.

Start date of internship: Flexible.

Duration: 3 Months.

You can send your resume/CV to .

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