Leaders For Tomorrow calls for volunteers for ADAR Campaign – 2013.

Leaders for Tomorrow Foundation announces its Anti-Drugs and Anti-Ragging Campaign (ADAR) in the months of July –August in your campus.
ADAR is an awareness campaign organised across Delhi-NCR in over 150 colleges to create awareness about the menace of substance abuse and ragging.

It involves:
– Signature Campaign
– Help Desks
– Documentary Screenings
– Seminars/ Workshops
– Street play performances
– Band performances

Volunteers will get an opportunity to lead social change, network with like-minded people and develop their leadership qualities while constructively working towards a social cause.

Certificates will be given for the volunteers who participate in the campaign from their campus. Volunteers will also be given training upon registration.


E-mail: info@leadersfortomorrow.org
CONTACT: 8130704135 (Sajal)


LEADERS FOR TOMORROW is a not-for-profit youth leadership movement established mainly in college campuses. We conduct social development programmes and impart skills and Personality Development Training to create “LEADERS FOR TOMORROW”!

4 Responses to “Leaders For Tomorrow calls for volunteers for ADAR Campaign – 2013.”

  1. monika bansal says:

    I want to join lft . I have heard about it its too good.

  2. monika bansal says:

    I just like lft. Its a good organisariin. I want to join it

  3. renu says:

    I want to do internship 45 days I like this ngo

  4. Michael Riely says:

    Good day.
    I am a UK national seeking to live and work in India and have been there a number of times. I am skilled within the music industry and own a record label as well as being a skilled studio engineer. I have experience in the subject in which you seek a volunteer and also have a number of varied skills to that end such as Psychology and working with people of all ages in retail and manual work, too.
    I am very spirited and highly motivated in leadership and education as well as helping others, which is my first skill above all else.
    I would love to participate within this position or , indeed, other likewise positions available.

    I am due back in India this year (Perhaps a month from this post) and i could drop in to talk directly with you’s in this regard.

    Thank you.


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