Business Expansion Interns Required for an E commerce website.

Job Profile: Assistant Manager – Business Development

Location: You can work from home
What will you get?
Stipend of Rs. 4000(basic) + Rs.500 (mobile bill compensation)
A Letter of work experience signed by the director and the Business Development Head.

Please let me know in case you are interested and I shall email you further details.

Job Description: The intern shall be given a list of people with their contact information who sell their products through leading E commerce websites. He/she shall also be given the ready email and ppts to mail to them. All he/she needs to do is make sure they start selling with our website as well.
We will hold a small training session with the intern.

Target: 25 sellers.
In case the intern fails to meet the target, he/she will get the Work Experience certificate for 1 month but the stipend will be given on a pro rata basis.
If the intern exceeds the target he will be given a certificate of excellence.

Timings: No restrictions

Experience: Preferred but not compulsory

Please email me the following details of the interested candidate on

Duration – 1 month

Company name:

1. Full name:
2. Educational Qualification:
3. College/univeristy name:
4. Contact email:
5. Contact number:

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