Marketing Interns for Foreign Students in Bangalore at Alpine Wineries

Internship Opportunity for a Foreign Student

Host Company Alpine Wineries Private Limited
Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Hosting/Food -Shared apartment/ Food covered
Start of Internship : 2013
Period of Internship : one year
Internship Title Sales-Marketing & Sommelier intern
Language, Level(1–5, 5 is fluent) English, level 4, 5

Company profile:

Alpine Wineries, Wine maker: Stephane Derenoncourt (Vignerons consultants, top consulting company based in Bordeaux, France), produces fine uncompromising wines and has launched in the beginning of 2012.

As a Marketing & Sommelier Intern, one will be involved in the process of research market conditions in local, national and international market to determine potential sales of a product and then to plan a marketing action.

Alpine Winery hosts and organize special events to promote its products and the intern participate by assisting in planning, organizing and running it. Overall, the internship will give you a great feel for the inter-workings of an Indian Winery and the delicate task of marketing a wine label. One must be open-minded and enjoy working with a team. Indian wine market is unique and very challenging, it is very important for the intern to be able to be ready for this challenge.

Periodically, one will have the opportunity to assess skill progress thanks to an evaluation held by Eka (Consulting agency) in connection with Alpine Wineries.

Internship Description:

Interns will have first hand experience in developing this company, and to contribute in its growth. The office interns will have an unique opportunity to work along with the office staff in contacting different companies and making research on how marketing strategies can be designed and integrated. At the same time the interns will discover a growing market and its special features.The candidate must be fluent in English.


• Organise events – one of the important activity is to organize events in Restaurants & Bars.

• Can suggest matching wine to enhance the flavor of a particular food.
Correct food pairing is most essential to enhance the taste of wine. The intern should be adept at suggesting what menu goes well with which type of wine.

• Wine tasting – Organise wine tasting for guests as per the schedule.

Wine tasting can be an experience and the sommelier acts as a guide. The intern describes wines with depth and expertise. The intern should be eager to impart knowledge of where the wine was derived, types of grapes used to produce the wine, name of the vineyard and the region where it was produced. The intern may bring wine to the table with appropriate glasses and pours it for the patrons. The intern often encourages the customer to smell the wine as he describes the wine’s components.

• Conduct Sommelier classes – Train F & B on serving wine & conducting wine tasting.

• Vineyard tours: is the latest fab in terms of relaxation & a quick getaway. Organise vineyard tours for customers – plan an itinerary & make their vineyard visit a memorable one.

Sample Project

• Identify optimal consumer target and brand positioning.
• Gather information on competitors, prices, sales and methods of marketing and distribution.
• Use survey results to create a marketing campaign based on regional preferences and buying habits.
• Assistance in developing and updating web content, design (optional)
• Web Marketing and campaigning
• Gather data on competitors and analyse their prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution.
• Collect and analyse data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand.
• Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communication programs and strategies- periodically
• Identify distributors in India and other countries.
• Assist in organising marketing/promotion activities like wine tasting events/seminars, etc.
• Door to door marketing with high end restaurants, shops, etc.
• Oversee, organize and participate in all social media communications, including wineries blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Skills and experience required

• Graduates in the related subject/having good experience in the field.
• Technical knowledge in marketing tools and web designing skills (optional).
• Self motivated and be professional in approaching the task given.
• Able to bring in innovative ideas and being able to realize them on field.
• Be open to different and demanding working culture, learn and adapt to it fast

Benefits for Interns

• Unique opportunity to be part of the core team, which has recently started marketing wine of the new upcoming, state of the art wine company.
• To have free hand in bringing ones’ own ideas and have freedom to try it in the field.
• To take advantage of a new booming wine market. This experience will be an exploration: the reactions of the market can be different from what one has learned.
• To travel, do research and marketing throughout India.
Alpine Wineries will deliver a certification at the end of the internship.

Benefit for the company.

• The company would benefit by opening its doors to an international intern, to bring in fresh, modern and innovative ideas to develop an international marketing strategy and also, implement it.
• Interns will help the marketing team in getting an insight on European standard business practices.

If the intern is from a college as a part of the curriculum, he/she will be paid Rs.6000/- pm towards miscellaneous expenses. They will also be eligible for shared accommodation in an apartment.

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