Intern Developer needed for SMS & IVRS based web tool for Rural NGOs

About ISEC: – IRMA Social Entrepreneurship Cell works in encouraging social entrepreneurship and providing a platform to students to develop entrpreneurial capacity by engaging in active projects, and providing resources for the development of the same.

Project Background:
We have developed an SMS and IVRS-based portable, flexible and low-cost web tool that can be used by Rural NGOs to send vaccination reminders and critical mass messages in rural areas. It is a significant information dissemination tool

The web tool with basic functionality has been developed.
We have now moved into the business development stage, and we are going to start with the beta testing for the product by partnering with NGO’s and Development sector organizations like Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Scheme ( The beta-testing will start in mid-June. Several functionalities also need to be added before the beta-testing.

Project Description:
The main idea of the project is to develop a web interface that gives a grass-root NGO the option to enter a database, using which the system can send voice-based scheduled vaccination reminders to all pregnant women and infants. Further, the NGO can also record and send out mass messages for any purpose to any group of people in the database. So, the key technical features are: Database Management, Voice Broadcasting, Scheduling and Review of the usage.

Since this product is sold at a low cost, we will earn our revenue from a similar website for the urban population. In this website, any user can enter the expected date of delivery, or the birth date of the infant, and they will get SMS reminders for vaccinations(along with advertisements, which will generate our revenue). We also want to expand this website to include other services. The basic structure of both the systems is in place.

Expected Outcome:
The new team member will handle all technical aspects of the project. He/she will need to:

  •  Build and beautify the existing interface
  •  Add some missing functionalities
  •  Be closely involved in the Beta testing to monitor and modify the system
  •  Help bringing in scalability and efficiency in the product
  •  Be a technical guide

Expected Skill Set:

  • Knowledge of Ruby on Rails and/or similar CMS is a must
  • Able to develop web applications with Ruby on Rails.
  • Basic knowledge about HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Knows basics of HTTP methods.
  • Working knowledge of Internet-Telephony.
  • Good at Googling stuff, using APIs and a quick learner.

Location: – Work from home. If willing, the intern can come down to the field in Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh for the beta testing for a few days, as well.

Method of Selection:
Mix of Resume screening (esp. Past Projects done), Telephonic Discussion and In person meeting (if required). Preference will be given to students who are already equipped with the above mentioned tools as mentioned in the section of “Expected skill sets” , have a social bent of mind , proactive and most importantly feel a sense of ownership in the project.

Location of the Project:
We are flexible with the place of working. The student intern can work while staying in the campus. They can also visit the NGO/ Development Organization where we will be going to test out this tool, in Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh.

Duration :
May – July ( During the summer Holidays )

Stipend can be negotiated upon. The member will be compensated for any project-related out of pocket expenses. Also we will give due credit to the team member on our website.

Please send in your resume and one page write up with answers to the following questions:
What attracts you to this project?
What sets you apart?

Send in your applications to:

We are a flexible and understanding group, so please do not hesitate before contacting. There is immense creative liberty for you, and a great scope to learn more about ICT and Rural Innovations.

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