Summer Internship in Marketing at Buzzanytime, Bangalore

Buzzanytime is a Human Powered Search Engine, first of its kind in India .That is why we say, your query our worry. In a world where machines are overtaking humans, we believe there are few things which cannot replace human touch. A machine can never comprehend and provide solutions to human with the same accuracy that a human being would and hence Buzzanytime strives to answer any query, any time with a human touch.

Internship Location : Bangalore 

Stipend :Performance Based

Company Name : Buzzanytime

Overview of internship: 

It is a field work internship, the Internship can be converted to PPO based on the performance


Company profile : 

Buzzanytime is an innovative semi automated mobile search engine with human intelligence, first company in India which combines human intelligence to traditional search engines!


Details of internship : April to June

Desired profile:

  • ·      Would be responsible for spreading awareness about the service by visiting various colleges in Bangalore
  • ·      Needs to Analyze the adoption or likely adoption of service
  • ·      Needs to research on delivery medium and increasing the effectiveness of the delivery medium of the service
  • ·      Needs to liaise with clients to bring revenue for Footer Ads

Duration of internship : 3 to 4 months (depending from college to college)

How to apply : If interested, please write to us at



3 Responses to “Summer Internship in Marketing at Buzzanytime, Bangalore”

  1. Ajit says:

    Looking For Internship (Pursuing PGDM/MBA)
    Sir, as I am fresher pursuing PGDM , I have no work experience but knowledge is important that I have. I am a quick learner and I am interested to learn new things. I am flexible and I have no restrictions regarding location or working hours. So, I need a platform If you provide me an opportunity to undergo internship in your company, I am sure that I ‘ll give my 100% effort in learning new things and accepting new challenges.

  2. amit kumar mehta says:

    I want to do internship were we have to chance to get placed for our carrier…………..

  3. shria kuruvilla says:

    sir,I am currently pursuing my MBA from Christ university. I am very much interested in interning in your company because I find the idea very novel. I am a fresher and don’t have any work experience but am thirsty for knew knowledge, challenges and experiences.

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