Intern for Theatre Professionals

Theatre Professionals is looking for interns or recent graduates with strong competencies, highly self-driven, motivated to learn and improve and with a demonstrated flair for organisation & project management (interpret this as: you’ve played your part at organizing college festivals or the paintball war tournament retreat).

Look at this as a learning-position to have your first strong work experience before moving on to better things doing theatre, producing, large scale cultural project management (either in the company, or with our full support and assistance head onward and outward).

You’ve got to be ready to get really good at:

  1. Correspondence and publicity – you know, emails, posters, facebook, website, blogs, twitter and other cool things that they’re about to think up in the social media space.
  2. Interacting and replying to all incoming queries from outside parties – people call us, want to do stuff, you welcome their ideas, put them in touch with the right people on the team, you know, make the connections.
  3. Website Management: A whole domain in the palm of your hand.
  4. Cracking the whip from time to time to keep us all at our organisational best. Make sure we attend the meetings we schedule, make sure we meet all our deadlines, sit in on all the cool meetings, keep a track of them, and remind us that we said things and agreed to do stuff.
  5. Maintaining the office and computer systems for use for all of us, lots and LOTS of gadgets.
  6. Library Management – We even have one of those! Tell people what books to read (you get to read them too), keep a track of who has what, charge fines and use that as pocket money.     
  7. Assisting the project heads in the execution of their tasks.
  8. Maintaining the basic running and operations for the office.

To apply: Send an email with a cover letter and a complete bio-data, including names and
contact numbers of two references, to

We need to know a) How excited you are about a company that loves you for your geeky
ability to do things and colour code your backpacks by days of the week. b) What drives you
as a person and what you want to figure out in life – well, not life, but the next couple of
years. c) What you’ve got (explained in some detail and using a bit of that organisational
flair you have) that makes you fit the job profile.

Get on it and come on in.

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