Branding and marketing intern for an online fashion retailer

Branding and marketing intern for an online fashion retailer

Job Title: Marketing intern

Job Location: Chennai (Open to working remotely based on feasibility)

Stipend: INR 5000-12000

Company Name: Spiceblue Online Services Pvt. Ltd

Overview of internship: The intern will be working with the founders to build the brand for a niche on-line fashion retailer.

Desired profile: Candidate should be a creative, detail oriented and bring fresh perspectives to showcasing the brand. Should support decisions with sound analytics/ reasoning.

Education : MBA/masters or Bachelors degree in Marketing communications/ Retail management/ Brand management or anyone with prior experience in this area.

Experience  : In brand/ fashion/ retail management would be a plus, not mandatory.

Duration of internship: 1- 6 months

How to apply: Send a mail explaining why you are a good fit for this job to:

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