Intern – product designer

Company Name : DfyGraviti Technologies Pvt Ltd

Job Location : Bangalore

Desired profile:

  • Should have passion to design a hardware + software product
  • Creative and have an eye for shape and color
  • Understand different materials and production methods
  • Have technical, practical and scientific knowledge and ability
  • understand what customers look for in a product
  • Use drawings, 3D models and computer designs to express creative ideas
  • Strong IT skills
  • Good at planning and organizing
  • Work out costings and budgets
  • Explain ideas to people with varying levels of technical knowledge
  • Listening and questioning skills for discussing design briefs and understanding
  • feedback from colleagues
  • Persuasive and able to ‘sell’ their ideas to others
  • Produce clear, concise written reports
  • Team player
  • Be accurate and pay attention to detail
  • Be able to work within deadlines and budgets.


  • Have an interest in the way people choose and use products (specifically hardware/ software combination product)
  • Have an interest in how things look and work
  • Enjoy problem solving..

How to apply: send resume to

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