Talent Ambassador Program 2012 at TouchTalent

Talent Ambassador Program 2012 at TouchTalent

Company Description: TouchTalent.com is a talent exchange platform, where people from different background, genre, and talent will come together to share, showcase and in the longer run market their talent.


1. Candidate should be a student in some college and at least one year is remaining before he / she pass out.

2. Candidate should have good reputation in the college (Holding a student council position is preferred)

3. Candidate should have a large network of fellow students.

4. Candidate must have an outstanding record in some talent (Videos, Music, Painting, Photography, Writing, Singing).

5. Candidate must be net savvy.


1. To publicize TouchTalent activities in their college.

2.To interact actively on the website. Follow, Comments and FB , Twitter, G+ share. Bring different kinds of creative people on the website and to make them post their creative works. Keep a track of all the artists that are there on the website.


1. Coveted TA certificate of recognition from the most creative group.

2. Incentives/rewards from TouchTalent.

3.A strong bullet point for your resume.

To Apply: Please mail your CV to touchtalent@indianinternship.com

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