Campus Internship 2012 with Spanedea

Campus Internship 2012 with Spanedea

Who we are: “Spanedea” is an Internet marketplace for tutoring and sharing of knowledge. For students, it represents customized learning, conveniently delivered, by a choice of quality teachers.

An alternative to one-size-fits-all and learn in a herd. For teachers, it represents an entrepreneurial opportunity to launch a coaching or tuition business – online.

Intern Profile: Under the Internship Program, the selected campus intern (CI) will represent the company on/outside the campus engaging the student and faculty communities. At Spanedea, we believe that we have a lot to offer to the education community. The intern is expected to communicate our ideals and benefits to the college fraternity. She (or He) is expected to conduct
on/off campus marketing and communication activities about programs, events and offerings. The program is an excellent chance for students looking for exposure to real world work situations, and gain specific experience in marketing activities.

Skills required: The intern must be enthusiastic and must be able to communicate with people with ease. He/she must be passionate about changing the education system for the better and communicating ideas. He/She must be confident, result-oriented and be able to work towards goals in a time bound manner. Having good marketing skills and experience as the manager or coordinator of any event is a plus.

Note: No rules or guidelines of your college or any institution you are enrolled in, should be violated in discharging your duties under the Campus Internship Program.

Stiped: Paid

How To Apply:

Mail your resume to

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