Blogging Competition Internship 2012 Raajneeti

Blogging Competition Internship 2012 Raajneeti

Job Title: Blogger/Content Writer

Job Location: Work from Home/Campus.

Stipend: Rs.2500

Company Name: Raajneeti

Company Profile:

Raajneeti has kickstarted a blogging competition in the iSpark section.

For the uninitiated, ISpark is a place where you can have your say on political matters that actually have an impact on your horizon.

A platform where you can express yourself and make your voice heard on one of the fastest growing political portals on the internet.Your chance to have a say in matters that govern us and have a profound impact on our day to day living.

The blogging competition entails in an author earning the title of blogger of the month and also a cash prize of Rs.2500.

The criterion for judging would be the content (it should pique our interest), analysis of the issue,at hand and the number of shares/like on FB,Twitter,Digg and other Social Media sites. (Read: Popularity)

How To Apply:

You can send your submission(article) along with your small profile, contact details and a picture to

Details of ?Internship: There is no limit to the number of articles that you can send in to us.

If the editors like a particular author’s work(s) a tad too much,an individual has an opportunity to be absorbed for a full time internship,at an attractive stipend.

Somebody eloquent and knows how to formulate an opinion with sound analytical skills.

Duration of Internship: 6 Months to 1 Year.

You can send your submission(article) along with your small profile,contact details and a picture to

Company Website:

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