Adormi Campus Ambassador internship 2012

Adormi Campus Ambassador  internship 2012

Job Title: Campus Ambassador

Job Location: From Campus

Stipend: Performance based Incentive

Company Name: Adormi Technologies

Overview of Internship: Join the Adormi Campus Ambassador Program. Become an Evangelist of Practice based Learning.

Company profile:

We at Adormi ( provide build-it-yourself electronic products to Schools, Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges. Adormi Kits are an initiative to bridge the gap between Academic Curriculum and Fast Changing Industry Needs by providing uniquely designed Industrial Kits in Electronics,Communication and other related fields.

Adormi products include all hardware components, simple pictorial step-by-step guide, videos, simplified class-room theory, market trends and career planning guide for students. Without practical know-how, most of the learning is lost within books itself. Most of our products are low cost, and are based on the principle of learning by activity.

Adormi has a strong relationship with leading semiconductor companies like Cypress Semiconductors, Microchip, Freescale etc to provide diverse industry ready kits for educational institutes.

Details of internship:

• Operations & Troubleshooting: We let you be your own masters of Adormi in your campus! You’ll have to devise strategic plans for operation, relevant to your campus demographics & implement them. You’ll also come up with the most effective solutions to the challenges & find the right way to get us moving!
• Design Trendsetting Marketing Strategies: Now is the time to get hands dirty & put your marketing gyaan to the real test. You’ll have to attract all that attention from the students in your campus and come up with trendsetting ideas that you think will make Adormi viral in the campus.
• Customer Interactions: You’ll be connecting to everyone in the campus through direct discussions & in social media, get their reviews & feedbacks. Keep them happy always!
• Ideate Tactics to Raise Awareness & Increase the Volume of Sales: Time to hone your management skills! You’ll be coming up with ideas to increase the number of customers and volume of sales. You’ll be the key in increasing the penetration and creating that buzz about Adormi in the campus.
• Identify Opportunities for Growth and Expansion: You’ll constantly be on the lookout for avenues of growth & expansion of Adormi based on student needs and working closely with us to implement them. Keep Adormi growing Bigger & Bigger, and faster at that!

Desired profile:

Education – Any Background

Experience – None required

You should have:

• Exceptional Marketing & Sales abilities: You know what people want & you know how to win over & can talk your way out of any situation! You are the hard core Marketing guy!
• Ability to Close Deals & Negotiate: You never accept No for an answer! You read through the minds of people and have this knack for convincing them! You know how to win over the best deals for us!
• Amazing Creativity: You Think out of Box! Are you that person who stands out of the crowd & leaves the mark every time?? You never let conventionalities bog you down! You come up with wild & creative ways to solve things, setting new standards each time! And… Crazier, Better, Every time!
• Good Understanding of Surroundings & Situational Details: You are that keen observer who predicts trends, be it business or campus! You are the one who spots opportunities even in adversities… and you solve issues even before others sniff the trouble!
• Command over Communication System: You know how to reach 2000 people in 5 mins! You think on your feet & you know the right way to spread info across the campus! Then, you’re that Wildfire we’ve been searching for.

Duration of internship: 3 – 12 Months

What is in it for you?

• Entrepreneurial Exposure: Exposure will include Branding, Positioning, Marketing, Advertising, Finance, and the counts! Adormi will expose you to every single aspect to give you an all-round Entrepreneurial Development.
• Attractive Stipend: Entrepreneurship any day would make less sense without understanding the associated monetary gains. With Adormi, you have a chance to takeaway performance based incentives as your stipend.
• Amazing Adormi Goodies: Bags, T-Shirts, Watches, Caps and more…
• Promising Recommendation: As the Campus Ambassador, your exposure to Entrepreneurship & ability to blend business acumen will not go unnoticed. We will make sure you tread on the path to a bright future.
• Internship Opportunities: Come Summer, you get a chance to work with some of the brilliant minds from across the globe with various projects of Adormi and its partner organizations.
• Join Our Core Team: We are in continuous search of talented individuals who would join our Core Team @ Adormi in different positions of responsibility. And, in all probability, the next one is you!
• Hall of Fame: Get recognized. Get noticed. And we will help you to become the successful face as a Student Entrepreneur.

How to Apply: Mail resume with cover letter to

Company website:

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