Travel Web Content Editor Intern with FareHawker

Travel Web Content Editor Intern with FareHawker

Responsibility for Intern- requires content writer for its travel website. Your job would involve:-
– Writing and editing of content
– Creating content for the email & print campaigns and Newsletter
– Research internet about travel.

1.Content writing as well as handling other online desk jobs related to travel.
2.Development of sales, promotional online marketing plans & product management
3.Preparation & promotion of travel mailers and newsletters, travel product development
4.An awareness of SEO strategy and execution in an e-commerce space
5.Exploring new tourism potential destinations that attract tourist
6.Basic knowledge in social network / promotions

Desired Skills:
Very good team player with can-do attitude.
Should be able to think out of the box.
Must have ideas which will revolutionize the products growth.
Should have excellent communication skills

How To Apply:

Mail your resume to

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