Market Research Paid Internship 2012 Work from Home / Office with Tuesdays Research

Market Research Paid Internship 2012 Work from Home / Office  with Tuesdays Research

Tuesdays Research is a qualitative market research firm present in many countries including India(Asia), Mexico(America), Spain(Europe).

Tuesdays Research is offering summer internship to MBA, BBA, BBS, English(Hons) and Psychology students who want to pursue a career in marketing after completing education.

Intern should be staying in Delhi during the internship. He/She may be required to attend some training session during internship.

Intern will be involved in analysis phase of research process.

Duration: Duration of Internship can vary from one month to six months depending upon requirements of university of Intern.

Stipend: 3000/month will be paid to the intern.

Preference will be given to those candidates who know regional languages like Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Gujrati etc.

Please note that this is not an internet based/technical/statistical internship

Company Name:

How To Apply:

To apply send your resume to Please include details like when can you join, languages you know, your present and permanent address, Skype id.

6 Responses to “Market Research Paid Internship 2012 Work from Home / Office with Tuesdays Research”

  1. Mandeep Singh says:

    Typically how many hours a day would be required?

  2. bhumika says:

    how long will be the training hours?

  3. raja says:

    can i apply for this internship with stream ???

  4. barun kumar says:

    i ama MBA 2ND sem student. looking for internship opportunity in month of july-aug . how can i apply.

  5. Anusha_Adapa says:

    i am interested in it but i am in stream.Can i apply for this intern?

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