Intern / Entry Level Jobs at Digital Media Company

Intern / Entry Level Jobs at Digital Media Company

We are an UK based digital performance advertising network. Through our innovative trading approach and a robust analytical platform we deliver market leading ROI and insights to our clients.

We have just started our office in Bangalore which will be the development centre, with a technology division, analysis division and operational division. We are looking for interns/entry level grads who are keen on learning, are highly driven and ambitious and who want to be a part of a rapidly growing startup in a dynamic market in the hottest field currently – digital advertising.

The role requires a candidate who is hard working, detail oriented and eager to learn and do various media related jobs on the fly. An excellent knowledge of excel will be a big advantage. The candidate will get to learn about the market and also get the chance to work within a startup so be able to see how an organization is built and scaled.

How To Apply:

If you are interested, please drop me an email about yourself, what you want out of the role and we can discuss further. You could call me on 9632510109 as well.

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