Engineering / Math Internship 2012 with Math-uiuc

Engineering / Math Internship 2012 with Math-uiuc 

Application Process:

Send an email to answering the following questions:
1) Why do you think you are a good candidate for this position?
2) What is your GPA? How many semesters have you completed in Engineering? How do you fare in your math (calculus) classes.

Job Description:

Intern will work to develop content for A majority of the work is very similar to college homework in Calculus classes. While a majority of the work can be carried out independently, constant communication is required with a web developer (probably myself or another intern) to upload and test the developed content.

Please note that this position is for applicants seeking either part-time or full-time positions. For part-time positions, a commitment to work at least 12 hours per week is required.

Engineering Student (4 semesters or more) with GPA (7.0+ / 10)
Excellent Math Skills (Calculus and Differential Equations)
Excellent communication skills

Students with the following will be given preference:
Experience with Wolfram Mathematica or similar software
Basic experience in programming (php)
Basic experience in web development (HTML/CSS)

Unpaid internship

Experience Gained:
1) Interns will develop problem solving and math skills.
2) Interns will learn to communicate effectively with web developers and people in similar roles that are often demanding of precise details.
3) Interns will work in a start up environment. They will work in an organization with a flat structure that appreciates their work. They will often work with students much like themselves. Guidance and help will be available at every step.
4) Extraordinary interns will be given an opportunity to become a more

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    i tried to send mail to give mail id but i couldn’t send so please guide me or provide me another e-mail id so that i can send my resume and apply for it.
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