Summer Internship 2012 as Marketing Manager with Witcraft Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Summer Internship 2012 as Marketing Manager with Witcraft Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Title: Marketing Manager

Location: Based on work. Home/Office.

Stipend: Based on work.

Company Name: (Witcraft Marketing Pvt. Ltd.)

Company Description: Get paid for writing just one line. Post your own ORIGINAL quotes on our website. If it gets 10+ likes, we’ll feature it here.With us, your little creativity can gain a lot of attention! is a networking-cum-crowdsourcing website intended to tap surges of creativity in common people by creating a network of people who are good with words(especially one-liners), providing them a customizable-space to record and host their creativity and giving them an opportunity to get incentives for the same by branding for clients, merchandising and other avenues.
We believe that quotes are for those who don’t have a say for themselves. And if you’ve the wit, you’re equipped, to fabricate your own quotes. You don’t need to be Shakespeare to get quoted, all you need is a tinge of WIT

Should be based in Delhi. Good communication skills with a knack of negotiations

Plus points:
Previous experience in any company or college fest as a Marketing Coordinator. Personal or developed contacts in marketing department in companies

Duration: 2-3 Months

How to apply: Mail your resumes to

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