Graphic Designer/ Flash Animator Intern required for AnB Education

Graphic Designer/ Flash Animator Intern required for AnB Education

We, are a group of IITians and educationists, who have started up a new venture in education sector, AnB Education. We have synchronised our technical and academic knowledge to design a diagnostic (assessment) tool for children. This tool is designed to help students of Grades 4-9 to understand concepts in a better way and give them corrective feedback.

The broad goals of our organization are as follows:

Reaching out to millions of students and teachers in the process of helping children learn better.
Working at the forefront of education pedagogy and technology.
Being one of the best firms to work with.

A major part of our work involves creating graphics and animations that help students understand complicated concepts in an easy visual manner. For this, we are looking for candidates with the following skill sets:

1. Graphic Designer – Should be proficient in the use of popular softwares like Photoshop, Coral Draw, Illustrator, etc. Ability to draw and sketch would be an added advantage.

2. Animator – Should be proficient in the use of Flash. Knowledge of Flash Actionscript and ability to work with 3D software like Maya would be added advantage.

Any candidate having some or all of the above abilities, and an eagerness to learn, can be absorbed up by in two ways:

1. As an intern – In this profile, we are looking for 3-4 candidates who will work with us for a period of 1-3 months during summers based on their availability. Details of the assignment and compensation can be discussed based on their abilities and availability.

2. As a full time recruit – In this profile, we are looking for 1-2 full time hires, who can work with us anytime starting next month.

To Apply: Interested candidates to apply can send their resumes at

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  1. goutam dey says:

    i want to work as an internship trainee candidates (2d or 3d animator,vfx). If you are hiring like me peopel please call or reply me. 8981389365, I am graduate , know photography, prootool(recording), Pinnacle (vdo)edit. Photoshop. Thanks. I have hive you email also.

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