Volunteer required for Padhaaro | India’s first greeter network

Volunteer required for Padhaaro | India’s first greeter network

Eligibility: Indian youth, aged 18-30 yrs

Padhaaro is the first “welcome visitor” program of its kind in India. We had friendly exchanges with people around the world and realized that India suffered from an image problem: almost everyone we spoke to wanted to visit India, but thought the cities were too unsafe, diverse, and tough to roam around freely. We wanted the world to know India as we do: a great nation with diverse cultures, religious places to visit, fun places to dine, and friendly residents who go out of their way to make an out-of-towner feel welcome.

And hence, few of us grouped together, researched a bit about other similar services existing across the globe, got inspired by those successful models, and here we are! .. a group of young, passionate travel enthusiasts who are slowly trying to change the way tourists experience India.

Do you love India? Then why not help visitors love it too?

If you love India, enjoy meeting people from around the world and would like to share with visitors India known only to Indians, Padhaaro has just the volunteer opportunity for you!

Many first-time and even repeat visitors to our country are intimidated by its size and you would be the one helping them with all their queries.

What Makes You A Padhaaro Greeter:

• A Greeter (Volunteer) takes a visitor on an informal, unscripted walk through neighborhoods the Greeter knows well.
• Greeters share personal stories and favorite spots.
• Your knowledge of any ethnic areas and off the beaten track neighborhoods is a plus.
• Knowledge of foreign languages is helpful.

For more information: http://www.padhaaro.com/

Volunteer Application form: http://www.padhaaro.com/volunteer-application/

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  1. farhan

    on January 28, 2012 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Its very great full that you people are taking initiative in changing travelers experience in India it would be my pleasure if i am helpful in any way .

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