Technology Developer Internship with at Chennai , India

Technology Developer Internship with at Chennai , India

Job Title : Technology Developer

Job Location : Chennai , India

Stipend : Will be decided on a case to case basis

Company Name : Irrational technologies

Overview of internship:

Use opensource technologies to create 2.0 , highly scalable web applications that run on the cloud.

The project per se , is a stock news information aggregator and is unique in the sense that it give you an opportunity to be at the crossroads of some very interesting ideas – be it , developing highly scalable , robust and realtime applications.

Also , you may work on social search and personalization , web crawlers and mobile apps

Key Takeaways:

Work on all aspects of web app development and most importantly , execution.

Explore and learn the tricks of cloud hosting and highly scalable web architecture.

Company profile:

We are a startup developing highly scalable web apps in the areas of information aggregation and social personalization Stockdodo is a stock information aggregator with a focus on data analytics and simplified visualization.

Amongst , other things , we are an All IIM Ahmedabad team .

Details of internship

Desired profile:

Essentials : L.A.M.P

Looking for tech enthusiasts – must have the general aptitude to plan, design and execute scalable web applications.


We think college degrees count for mostly nothing , if you can code , and do a good job at it , you can apply .


Same as above .


Duration of internship: 4-6 months

Any other information

How to apply:

Company website:

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