Software Engineer-Intern required at Bangalore for Cardiac Design Labs

Software Engineer-Intern required at Bangalore for Cardiac Design Labs

Job Title : Software Engineer-Intern

Job Location : Bangalore

Stipend : 5,000 INR per month

Company Name : Cardiac Design Labs

Overview of internship: Looking for people with the DNA for a fitment into a start up culture, high energy , commitment , good competency in basics and importantly willingness to learn

Company profile : Cardiac Design Labs is a startup company working in the field of developing cardiac products in India

Details of internship : The selected candidates would be working on Web Application and Android application development.

Desired profile: – Sound fundamentals of object oriented programming
– Hands-on expertise in at least one programming/scripting language
– Knowledge of web architecture such as web server, middleware/scripts
For e.g. WIMP
– Knowledge of HTML/CSS
– Understanding of the MVC architecture

Candidates extremely familiar with Web architecture (WIMP) stand a
very high chance of getting selected

Education : B.Tech/M.Tech/M.C.A.

Duration of internship : 4-6 months

Note: Intership has been Closed

2 Responses to “Software Engineer-Intern required at Bangalore for Cardiac Design Labs”

  1. nalina v says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am looking forward for an internship in Mobile applications like Android.. Are the internships still open for applications..

    Kind Regards,Nalina

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