Public Policy Research Internship 2012 with Rakshak Foundation

Public Policy Research Internship 2012 with Rakshak Foundation

About Rakshak Foundation:
1. Rakshak Foundation is non-profit organization founded by Alumni from India’s elite educational institutes like the IITs and IIMs and is based in California, USA.

2. It foresees citizen awareness and participation in governance as the solution to most pressing social problems in India like corruption, education, health, accountability, efficiency and transparency etc.

3. The highly dedicated think tank at Rakshak Foundation does research on various public policy issues including Parliamentary bills and provides its recommendations to decision makers.


1. Rakshak Foundation seeks highly self-motivated candidates, desirable of acquiring firsthand experience in public policy issues and project management, to work on summer projects on developing innovative strategies for effective and lasting impact in areas such as the public sector, business and civil society through research.

2. Candidates must be highly motivated to work independently in a think tank type of environment that requires excellent analytical skills and research aptitude.

3. Candidates would work on all projects from home. Candidates will have opportunity to discuss and report the progress to an assigned mentor.

Every college student is encouraged to apply for this internship who is motivated enough to acquire experience in Public Policy issues and Project management.

How to Apply
Interested candidates may get more information about our internship program and may apply at You may visit us at

The topics for projects are as follows
● Legal and Social Research
● Accountability and Responsibility in Journalism
● Promoting Responsible Citizenry
● Improving Quality of Life – Infrastructure, Traffic, Pollution and Basic Necessities
● Improving Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency of Public Offices
● Nationalism, Social Responsibility and Civil Society through Education
● Promoting positive aspects of our culture and society

Internship will be of 9-11 weeks depending on the size of project.

A total of 10000/- will be paid at the end of Internship

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  1. Brijeshkumar vishwakarma

    on March 30, 2012 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    hi sir,
    i m keen interested in to do summer internship in the marketing and problem-solving knowledge in marketing analysis/research position for my career growth.
    Currently doing mms (marketing) from mumbai and i have done pgd in applied statistics with software and B.Sc (Mathematics).
    kindly give me a reply in positive attitude.

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