Internship In Robotics And Embedded C With PLC And SCADA From 2nd Jan 2012 at New Delhi

Internship in Robotics And Embedded C With Plc And Scada from 2nd Jan 2012 at New Delhi

Intership Venue:- New delhi
Batch Starts:- 20th December 2011 and 2nd Jan 2012 Onwards
Internship Special Features
(1) Line Follower (With And Without µC)
(2) Edge Follower
(3) Wall Follower
(4) Solar Robot
(5) Sound Operated Robot
(6) Obstacle Avoider Robot
(7) Wired And Wireless Robots
(8) Mobile Controlled Robots
(9) computer Controlled Robots
(10) Digital Image Processing
(11) 8051 Microcontroller And Its Interfaces
(12) Embedded C In Avr Microcontroller
(13) PLC And SCADA Overview

Course Fee: Rs2200/- only
Duration 2 Weeks (36 hours)
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To Apply: Interested candidates can send their resume at


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