Intern with WordPress & PHP required for Alchemy Marketing Private Limited at New Delhi

Intern with WordPress & PHP required for Alchemy Marketing Private Limited at New Delhi

Location: New Delhi, Virtual Internship (From your home)

Stipend: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3,500 per week… (Based on your perfrmance)

Duration: 2 Weeks

Eligibility: Extensive experience with WordPress & PHP required.
AJAX, Python, Ruby on Rails would be nice.

Education: B.E/B.Tech./M.Tech preferred, but open to everyone…

Company: Alchemy Marketing Private Limited

Site: http://

Internship Profile:
You will be building a super cool, fully automated CMS (membership based) on WordPress that can be used for an infinitum of applications such as… Paid Online Membership Portal, Custom CMS for clients etc. On other words, you will be learning how to build the “technical structure” for an online profit producing machine.

This platform will be used to deliver paid content to thousands of paying subscribers.

Here are the benefits for you:

1. Money (we pay VERY nicely)

2. Watch as we launch a profit producing web portal from scratch on the internet, which will quickly become a very lucrative asset for the company.

3. Leverage our marketing strategies… that we have modelled from the very best in the whole world.

It’s one thing to put an internship on your CV… and it’s quite another to say, “I’ve built this web portal from scratch, and now it’s work $XXXXXX.”

Your job will be to create a WordPress user management system that rivals the best CMS out there.

Our ideal candidate has quite a lot of experience with customizing wordpress blogs, creating powerful plugins and/or themes.


Send in your CV right away… answering the following two questions…

1.Provide links/Details of ALL the previous wordpress plugins you have built…

2. Which language are you absolutely confident working with?

Company Profile:
Formed by an IIT’ian notorious for doing things “The Other Way”, Alchemy Marketing Private Limited is exists solely to generate profits for its clients. That’s all we do, well apart from having fun, and challenging ourselves on a day-to-day basis. Alchemy prides itself on value creation… Not just for ourself, but for our clients, and then their clients. Everytime we do something, we ask, “Is it for the greater good?” And if the answer is yes, then we are unstoppable. We are all about elaborate strategies and extensive designs… but when it comes to implementation, we do not shy away from embarrassing ourselves… You know you are the right person to work for us, if money motivates you, passion to generate value drives you, and sleep eludes you. But most of all, if you are the one to say, “I have to… HAVE TO… do it!” Check out more details about Alchemy Marketing upon the website…

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