Campus Ambassador for BidOn

Job Title: Campus Ambassador

Job Location: Work from home

Stipend: None

Company name: BidOn Pvt. Ltd.


Campus Ambassadors (CAs) are essentially students on campus who will be representatives of Buyhatke. in their respective colleges. Buyhatke
( / will select 1-3 CAs from each of a set of its target colleges. The CAs are expected to commit approximately 2.5 hours a week for 9 Months.
1. A. Responsibilities
0) Understanding the business
a) Understanding penny auctioning in detail
b) Apply this learning during the process the program

1) To create a fun and exciting network of passionate, dedicated people to spearhead Buyhatke’s presence on college campuses:
a) You will get a chance to enlarge your circle and build contacts among passionate and dedicated people.

2) Build awareness about Buyhatke
a) To work with faculty and students both to promote buyhatke on campus

3) Serve as a liaison between Buyhatke and your campus
a) Help coordinate a Buyhatke presentation for your campus
b) Help us connect with important stakeholders within your network (e.g., Cultural fest head of the campus, the head of major student groups on your campus, coordinator of internship program on the campus)

4) Targeted Recruiting
a) Manage relationships with the high-potential students from your campus
b) Support Buyhatke by managing conference calls with candidates of your profile
c) Solicit at least ~30 high-potential registrations from your network on

5) Stay in touch by attending in-person trainings, weekly team calls, and submitting your “Reporting Sheet” bi-weekly

1. B. Skills Required
1) Independent, self-motivated, mature and responsible high achievers.
2) Excellent communicators in both group presentations and one-on-one conversations.
3) Well-networked with contacts and ability to engage with a variety of audiences.
4) Resourceful and perseverant in the face of obstacles.
5) Organized and accountable for their deliverables; professional in their approach to the work at hand
6) Committed to Buyhatke’s mission.

1. C. Selection
Candidates should fill the campus ambassador form at
You may also send your cv to with subject as ‘Campus Ambassador’

1. D. Selection process
Since It is a highly coveted opportunity, there will be a selection process. You can take part in it by sitting at home. Details of the process will be mailed after you fill the form or mail your cv

1. E. Buyhatke’s Commitment
1) Buyhatke commits to manage CAs fairly and efficiently and build their skills of leadership, communication, organization, innovation and creativity
2) On successful completion of their tenure with a certain level of good performance, CAs will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution to Buyhatke and a letter of recommendation on request.
3) CAs will have the opportunity to help lead a campaign.
4) CAs with good performance and willing to work fulltime in social sector might get an opportunity to work fulltime in Buyhatke or can also take a role in the national core team of Buyhatke.
“What you get”
“Great social network, a chance of being a part of making history, and to experience Innovation”
1. F. Rewards

Buyhatke will reward committed and high-performing CAs throughout as well as at the end of the campaign. The performance of a CA will be ascertained scientifically based on very clear deliverable a CA is needed to submit throughout the tenure of the program.

1) Chance to attend a gathering of qualified professionals in your area and network with them.
2) Best CA will get a strong mentoring to be part of BidOn Pvt. Ltd, in doing innovative startups.
3) Rewards to the best CA semi-annually.

Company Profile:
Bidon Pvt. Ltd creates, manages and operates online trading and auction platforms. We are proud facilitator of the Online Bidding Service Buyhatke and Online Price Camparison and Ordering Service Compare.Buyhatke. Like our these two unique services, we wiil soon bring to you an array of products and tools which were earlier unheard of. Our goal is to become the world leading auction and trading platform of its kind.

Desired Profile: Students enrolled in any engineering and management course

Education: Student enrolled in any engineering and management course

Experience: Prior experience is not necessary but would be welcomed

Duration of internship:
5th jan, 2012 to 5th September, 2012

How to Apply:
Candidates should fill the campus ambassador form at
You may also send your cv to with subject as ‘Campus Ambassador’

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