Market Researcher Internship with Sasken Network Engineering Limited at Bangalore

Market Researcher Internship with Sasken Network Engineering Limited at Bangalore

Job Title: Market Researcher

Job Location: Bangalore

Stipend: A stipend will be paid during the internship.

Company Name: Sasken Network Engineering Limited

Overview of internship: To assess business case potential and the most appropriate IT support requirements for small and medium enterprise customers.

Company profile: Sasken Network Engineering Limited (SNEL), a 100 % subsidiary of Sasken Communication Technologies, provides Engineering Services for planning, deployment and operating wireless networks looking for the following for the following positions. (

Details of internship: Conduct a survey (face to face) and collect inputs from decision makers within the SME IT organization. The market researcher will have to meet the official in person and record the inputs during the interview. It is estimated that each such interview will take at least 30 minutes. It will be good if the researcher can record the unsaid expectations and also if the person being spoken to can be approached as part of the sales process.

The out put of the survey should be:

 Completed interview documents in original

 Segregation of leads categorized as strong, medium and low potential with contact details

The project students should complete the entire exercise as listed above. SNEL portfolio team will also do the analysis of the inputs from survey and draw its conclusions. Rating of the project will be based on the match between the two.

To accomplish the above the researchers should come up with a survey methodology within 3 days of project initiation and get it vetted by the SNEL team.

1. The survey should have at least 150 F2F meeting recordings (based on total SME) in span of 2 months. A group of 3 students.

2. Meet the customer personally to collect the feedback on the survey.

3. Collate & handover the response to SNEL team. Data collection to be completed in 2 months from start of project.

For completion of the project, the interns can do the analysis and submit their findings. Analysis to be submitted within two weeks of submission of survey data.

Desired profile: Candidate with Good Communication and Quick Learning.

Education: MBA in IT & Marketing

Experience: Fresher

Duration of internship: 2 Months

How to apply: Interested candidates to apply can send their resume at

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