Quality Management System Manual Internship with Drishtee, Noida

Quality Management System Manual Internship with Drishtee, Noida

 Organization : Drishtee

1. Project description

a. Project Background: Drishtee is a ISO 9001:2008 Certified organisation by British Standards Institute (BSI). This certification implies that Drishtee is maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2008 standard. A QMS comprise of the environment, processes, products and services, objectives, structure, employees of an organization. There are several requirement for a QMS in the organisation – one of them is QMS Manual. QMS manual includes the scope of QMS, any exclusions, documented procedures established for the QMS, description of processes of QMS.

b. Project Objectives:
Review Quality Management System Manual
Interact with various vertical operations team to validate the procedures and process mentioned in the QMS manual
Update QMS Manual according to the change in procedures and processes

c. Project Coverage (Geography): Drishtee Corporate Office, Noida

d. Field Work ( If applicable-Location and Duration): Not Applicable

2. Other Important factors
Number of participants required: 1
a.Proficiency in this language: English (Speak, Read and Write)
Place of Reporting : Drishtee Head Office Noida (Uttar Pradesh),India
Stipend: Can be considered
Time Commitment : Full Time , 40×5
Duration : Min 1 month
Preference will be given to persons having Operations as Major in their MBA

To Apply : Interested candidates send in your resumes along with covering note to drishtee@indianinternship.com

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  1. ygsh says:

    Sir can you provide us the starting date of the internship.

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