International Online Marketing Managers for Internship with The Book Without a Story

International Online Marketing Managers for Internship with The Book Without a Story

 Job Title
International Online Marketing Manager

Job Location
Work from campus / work from home

About 0-100,000 INR to each intern – depending on targets achieved by the entire marketing team (up to 9 online marketing managers)
under 10,000 copies sold: no bonus/unpaid
• between 10,000 and 49,999 copies sold: USD 150 (about 7,400 INR)
• between 50,000 and 99,999 copies sold: USD 300 (about 14,700 INR)
• between 100,000 and 149,999 copies sold: USD 500 (about 24,500 INR)
• between 150,000 and 199,999 copies sold: USD 750 (about 36,700 INR)
• between 200,000 and 249,000 copies sold: USD 1,100 ( about 54,000 INR)
• over 250,000 copies sold: USD 2,000 (about 100,000 INR)

Stipend will be paid in USD at the completion of the internship (31st December 2012)
Targets (copies sold) are based on combined numbers of all geographical regions and therefore combined number of all interns-generated sales. Either we will be successful together, or we will all fail together.

Company Name
The Book Without A Story

Company profile
“The Book Without a Story” ( , launching on October 10th 2011) is the crowd funding project behind a currently-under-development social startup.

The Book without a Story is a project that allows people to pre-buy an unwritten book and cast their vote on different aspects of the book’s story as well, thus ultimately creating a story based on the readers choices. Buyers are also able to vote the author they would like to get the writing contract for the book, thus deciding who will write “their” story

The Book’s story will therefore be “karma” based, user-driven, creativity-filled and social in its nature.

Details of internship
We are recruiting 6-9 international online marketing managers. The International Online Marketing Managers will report to the International Marketing Team Leader.

Each international marketing manager will be responsible for developing its own marketing strategy, marketing plan, managing the company’s identity and executing all online marketing activities for 1-3 social media outlets (facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+, tumblr, etc..) and for one (or maximum two) of the following geographical regions:
North America
• South America
• Western Europe
• Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS
• Africa
• Middle East
• China
• North East Asia
• South East Asia
• Autraliasia

The international online marketing managers will work together to define AND implement/execute the marketing strategy and marketing plan across the major geographical areas with the main objective of generating sales, word of mouth publicity and marketing “viral noise” amongst possible customers.

The international online marketing manager will have to market the website online through free methods. These include but are not limited to posting, replying, messaging, creating/sharing/commenting videos/pictures, participate in discussions, comment on articles and much more on a variety of websites not limited to social websites (message boards, books-specific websites/communities, etc..).

They will share best-practices and cooperate with each others when necessary/useful. They will have full freedom to operate within their assigned geographical areas/social media outlets. They will present a weekly action plan and a weekly review of activities to the International Marketing Team Leader and discuss with him to improve execution, strategy and results.

The International Marketing Team Leader will provide general guidelines as to the type of websites that should be targeted and the target market profile. The interns are required to expand on such general guidelines and make them their own based on the specific cultural/geographical/social realities of their markets of responsibility. Interns should seek to continuously improve their strategies and their executions in order to optimize and maximize their impact, noise and sales

Desired profile
We are looking for people with an excellent control of the English language and preferably other languages, and with a passion/ability to conduct marketing on social media websites and other websites as well (message boards, literature-specific websites, authors websites, news outlets, etc..).

We are open to all education background / experiences as long as they aspiring interns can prove that they are highly skilled, creative and capable of developing and executing the international online marketing activities required. Priority will be given to students currently studying IT, communication, journalism/advertising, marketing and business

We will give priority to interns that have a proven record of experience and success in online marketing experience (SEM, internet marketing, public relations, marketing, social marketing, consumer marketing online, etc..). However, we will also consider students without previous experience in online marketing if they have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, are highly driven, results oriented and “internet citizens”.

Duration of internship
The internship starts ASAP and ends on December 31st 2012 (1+ year). Best performers may be offered a marketing position with the startup (currently under development by a team of 7 since Q1 2011, funded by a $50,000 FFF investment and launching in Q1 2012) being funded by The Book Without a Story.

How to apply
Please send an email application to with the following information (failure to include all information will result in your application not being considered for this internship):
1. attach your resume
2. your motivation for wanting this internship
3. why you think/know you are the best candidate for this internship
4. list which languages you speak/write at a good level
5. list your online marketing experience or explain why, if you don’t have any, you will still be successful at this internship
6. tell us which geographical areas you would prefer covering + which social media outlet you would prefer covering

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