Social Event-Food in Focus National Video Competition

Social Event-Food in Focus National Video Competition – Food in Focus Short Film Competition 2011

The Indian Youth Climate Network with the support of Humane Society International (HSI) is running its National Video Competition-“Food in Focus” on food processing cycle and animal farming. Well, the theme for this video competition being conducted by IYCN is to spread the awareness on food sources and also their impact on our environment.

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you relish those meaty meals every day? Do you know how it affects our environment? Try and take a closer look at what you’re eating and the impact of your food on climate change. Ever wondered what it takes to get the food in your plate. We enjoy our meals everyday whether it’s at home or at a restaurant. But have we ever thought of where our vegetables, daals, chicken or rice comes from?

What does it really take for the food you eat to get to your plate? It’s definitely more than your shopkeeper’s generosity! Find out more, shoot your food.

IYCN with the support of HSI is inviting all enthusiastic and amateur film makers to flip your food chain and show us how and from where your food comes. From the platter to a machine to a farm find out what we actually pay for when we buy our food and how it even
impacts our environment.

Eligibility: Competitions open for everyone in India and  above 18yrs of age can  participate in this competition and prizes of upto Rs. 50,000/- will be given away to the winners.

Mrs Amala Akkineni would be one of the judges for this competition.

Shoot a short film: 5-15 Mins in any format using any equipment.

How To Apply and Participate: now.

Find More details on: & www.iycn.ins

Last Date for Video Submission- August 30th. The final countdown has now begun.

Send your entries before August 30.

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