Online Marketing Training with Cego Technology Solutions (P) Ltd.

Online Marketing Training with Cego Technology Solutions (P) Ltd.

We, C0ego Technology Solutions Private Limited is a niche group dealing with strategic, developmental and marketing consulting. We also provide our services in major technical,and administrative issues catering to government agencies and private companies. We at Cego also understand and recognize the nuances, complications and requirements for industries and corporations & their functioning. Statistical and data analysis, market research, strategy planning, process and architecture, financial analysis and legal research are carried out at its best in this group with a team of highly efficient and skilled associates.

Traning Modules

1. Introduction to Marketing
2. Understanding Phases of Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Viral Media Marketing
5. Feed Media Marketing
6. Other modes of Marketing
7. Search Engine Indexing/Optimization

Training Methodology

The training will be given on a real-time concept. The mode of communication will be Online via Emails, Skype Calls and Gtalk.

Training Assessment

A total of 7 assignments, will be assigned, after each module. Relative grades will be allotted after every assignment.

Training Incentives

– A Corporate Marketing Training Experience Certificate.
– A Marketing Plan validation review.

Training Application Form: https://spreadsheets. google. com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHk2Um4xbUNTaXVrZVZpTHRsWGM0dmc6MQ

Training Cost: 2000 INR.

Point of Contact:

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