Development Channel announces one-month Certificate programme in Development Journalism

Development Channel announces one-month Certificate programme in Development Journalism

i-CORD in association with Development Channel organizes a 30-day ‘Certificate Programme on Development Journalism’ from mid June to mid July 16 2011.

Duration: mid June to mid July 16 2011.

Key Highlights

  • Expert sessions on major development issues
  • Training on Journalism: Reporting an Editing
  • On-the-job training
  • Meet the Leader Programme

Experts and speakers
1. Rajdeep Sardesai: Editor-in-Chief, CNN IBN
2. Vijai Trivedi: Consulting Editor, NDTV
3. A K Tiwari: Director, PIB-Rural Development Ministry
4. Binoy Job: Director, Prime Minister’s Office
5. Ravish Kumar: Senior Editor, NDTV India
6. Pallavi Ghosh: Chief Political Correspondant, CNN IBN
7. Pankaj Pachauri: Managing Editor, NDTV
8. Nidhi Kulpati: Associate Editor, NDTV
9. Rohit Kansal: Director, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
10. Bilal Zaidi: Anchor/Correspondent NewsX
11. Sanket Upadhyay: Anchor/Correspondent Times Now
12. Alok Pandey: Kolkata, Patna Correspondent NDTV
13. Kashmir Singh IPS: Jt secy MHA
14. Pushpendra Singh: Grassroot Activist
15. Manish Sethi: Lecturer, Jamia Millia, Convenor
16. Prashant Negi: Lecturer, Jamia Millia
17. Prof GH Zaidi: HoD, Applied Arts, Jamia Millia


  • Issues of Sectarian crisis and Inclusive reportage
  • Minority issues
  • The Development vs Law and Order debate in the Naxal corridor
  • Land and Agrarian reforms
  • Solidarity Group Understanding Exclusion and Urban Ghettoisation
  • Concepts of Social Exclusion
  • Techniques – Understanding Photography

& More…
Any candidate under the age of 25 who is interested in Development Journalism can apply

How to apply?
Interested candidates can send their CV to

About us
Development Channel is a not-for-profit, web based media organisation focussing on development and social issues. We provide development news, news from rural areas, information that are useful to citizens etc.
It is a first-of-its kind of institute for Development Journalism. I-CORD is initiated by mainstream journalists to bring social change through media. It is under the aegis of Development Channel.

9 Responses to “Development Channel announces one-month Certificate programme in Development Journalism”

  1. Ayanangsha Maitra says:

    I am interested…which documents are to be submited?

  2. S.K.Mittal says:

    My daughter is interested in Internship in TV Channel after my 4th Semester from VIPS under GGSIP University for 2 months starting in June.

    Will this certificate programme will serve the purpose of Internship, please confirm the same.

    Hoping an early response,

    S.K. Mittal

    • S.K.Mittal says:

      There seems to be of no use for sending the information in advance in this fast Internet time. No proper result is achieved inspite of informing you for my daughter’s internship on 10th June,2011. You are making publicity of your channel and programmes uselessly and wasting user’s time and energy, thus harassing the sufferer.

      • info says:

        sir, with due respect we would like to inform you that your daughter could not fulfil the requirements put forward by our organization for this internship. this had been communicated to her as well. pls try avoiding posting such comments on public forums without knowing the reality. thanks

        • S.K.Mittal says:

          I wrote the things, as she needed internship at that time, but could not get any response from your site in Yes/No. I was also seeing Internship programme of your Channel regularly, but she could not be able to get the Internship, which is still needed by her for July,2011 as is necessary for journalist students.

  3. can i take the programme now. says:

    i am a student of law ..I would like to be a part of ths program which documents am i supposed to send??

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