Journalsim Internship for this Summer 2011 with MAARS News

Journalsim Internship for this Summer 2011 with MAARS News

MAARS News ( is an international media, based on the social networks and social network sharing websites model. Since last summer we are having our Online Journalism Internship Program, which is currently open for new applicants. Everyone who is interested in Journalism, Blog Writing, Editorials and News Writing and Video Blogging can join us!

During the 3- or 6-month internship program you will have your mentor who will help you:

  • learn how to search and use the news sources, select and present information;
  • write news stories – short and standard ones;
  • write editorials and express and defend your opinion in the best possible way;
  • run a Video Blog and create a list of followers;
  • develop your own page on the site, update and share it;
  • learn the principles of online media running, marketing, advertising and publishing;

We will provide all of our interns who complete the program with certificate and a letter of recommendation from the Chief Editor.
Currently we are developing our Revenue Sharing Model, so very soon applicants will be able to earn some extra money out of writing and doing what they love, which is a great opportunity for the summer.

How To Apply:

If you’re interested in applying, please, contact our Editor Mrs. Ina Toteva at: and visit to check our site and all the features it offers.

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