Content Writing Internship at FLIPCOIN.IN

Content Writing Summer Internship 2011 at FLIPCOIN.IN

Job Title: Content Writing Internship at FLIPCOIN.IN

Job Location: Online

Stipend: Prizes for best interns

Company Name: FlipCoin

Overview of Company: Flipcoin is an online platform to share your opinions on issues related to social, political, sports, entertainment, religion and technology. People can post articles , comment on them , debate , ask questions, and vote for the best arguments and can also suggest topics for the same.

People can engage in a discussion and meet others who share common interests or opinions. You can express yourselves in a safe and friendly environment and confide your opinions freely.

Overview of internship:
Applicants should possess excellent written skills,a passion for writing,and good knowledge of the day to day world. This opportunity will certainly enable you to turn into a fine writer. Continuous feedback will be provided. Also, exciting prizes in store for the best articles.

Desired profile: Specify following

Education: Undergraduate Level

Experience: None required.

Duration of internship: 45 days

How to apply: You can apply by sending your resume and an article on any of the above mentioned sections at


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