Work from Home Sports Journalism Internship at

Work from Home Sports Journalism Internship at

Are so you addicted to sports like dope that you often feel the need to sit down in front of your word processor after being blown away by the magnificence of sports and split open your veins? Then Sportskeeda’s online Blogging internship programme is built just for you.

They say “imagination is the soul of a writer”. But imagination, like any skill, grows by exercise. It is precisely this right exercise to help sports writers grow their imagination and open up their souls through their writing that Sportskeeda is proud to offer in its online journalism internship. As the summer internship batches open, here is your chance to learn from the best in sports writing and become one of the best.
Known as India’s premier all-sports website, Sportskeeda boasts of 350 talented writers from India and abroad including reputed journalists and provides ample motivation and an unparalleled platform for budding interns to hone their writing skills by being trained under the talented team of editors. Blogging interns from across India get to gain first-hand experience of covering live matches, analyse and report, take interviews and provide insights and churn out features on the day to day sporting news across the globe.

1) You will have to write 20 articles in the 3 month programme. Some of those articles will be assignment topics carefully selected by the editor to help you grow.
2) Freedom to cover the sport of your choice.
3) You would be guided and trained under one of our editors who would be helping you complete the program with flying colours.
4) Freedom to work as and when you want during the period, from the comfort of your home.

1) Each intern would be given an ‘Internship in Sports Journalism’ certificate and a chance to be in the prestigious Sportskeeda core team of editors.
2) The interns get to enhance their skills of expression and observation through a process of mutual learning. The internship will give you experience in writing, editing, research, online journalism and much more.
3) Your article will be published on Sportskeeda, thus providing you with exposure to a large audience for your writing and effective feedback for improvement from the editing team.
4) Best Blogger would be given exciting Sportskeeda goodies .

Message board junkies, creative writers who have been maintaining their own blog and are able churn our witty stuff, do live commentary, provide analysis and write opinion pieces, from all walks of life with/without experience at the highest level of sports writing. Exemplary English writing skills a must.

Send in your resumes, a writing sample of 400 words min. and furnish the following details to and we’ll get back to you.
Name :
Age :
College / Company :
Why would you like to intern at Sportskeeda?
What are the two sporting disciplines you would like to cover ?


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