Social media and viral marketing

During course of your internship, you will be tasked with projects involving Social media and Viral marketing techniques.

During your internship, you will –

  • Learn about Social Media
  • use of out of the box thinking to get the traffic and the website known
  • by using low cost viral marketing techniques.

Company profile – is one of the hottest startups in wellness space. Wellnessocean .com offers a great opportunity to work with niche products
in the wellness space.

Details of internship

Internship period – March 2011 – May 2011.

Key Projects –

Social Media and practical use in product marketing

How to Apply ?

Write us a mail andconvince us why you want to do this internship.

Send us your Resume –

What you walk out with

1. Experience certificate on successful completion of the project issued by the
German Founder-CEO you will be working alongside
2. Stipend for top interns
3. A lifetime experience of allowing a free flow of your ideas for execution(can be cranky but effective )

Students will be interviewed over phone and final decisions will be communicated over email and phone. Limited opportunities are available currently.

Desired profile:

  • Educational qualification of a degree in BA, BCom, BBA, Journalism, Mass Media, Bsc. could be helpfull but craetive out of the box thinking most required qualification.
  • No prior experience required.

Dont wait mail us NOW

The duration of internship – 1.5 to 2 months and for the bright ones a JOB OFFER

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