Online Internship Programme with Alexis

Online Internship Programme with Alexis

Alexis is an International Not-for-Profit & Non-Political Organisation with Passion For Excellence. It promotes Creativity, Innovation, Peace, Harmony and Inclusive Development. Website:

Interning with Alexis will provide an opportunity to realize the India set forth in our Constitution’s Preamble of being Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and question whether:

Justice in Social, Economic and Political aspects is prevalent in our society?

Liberty of Thought, expression, faith belief and worship exists?

Equality of Status and opportunity is it promoted amongst all?

Dignity of Individual and unity and the Integrity of nation is taken care of?

Analyzing on these questions will motivate Young India to re-incarnate the dreams of our constitution makers. In the struggle of economic progress, the inclusive growth has been neglected, hence fostering further discrepancies in the Socio-Economic structure of India.

As an internee at Alexis, you should should be ready “To be the change you want to see in India and also the World”.

Alexis encourages one’s area(s) of interest whether related to Environment, Public Policy, Economy, Polity, Legal and Welfare Studies research.

Eligibility: Internship is open to students enrolled at premier Law Schools, Engineering Institutes, Humanities, Science and Commerce colleges.

Age Limit: Applicant should not be more than 25 years as on June 1, 2011.

Selection: Applicants will be selected on basis of their performance in qualifying essay and overall profile.

Topic of the Essay: Role of Competition Laws and Intellectual Property Laws in developing the Indian Economy.

Application Form:

Best Wishes,

Abhyuday Bhotika

Governor, Alexis – East India Region

Coordinator, Online Internship Programme

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