Internship Project for MBA – Marketing Students at Bangalore

Internship Project for MBA – Marketing Students at Bangalore


Job Title : Summer Internship with elegant fashion

Job Location – Bengalore – Sanjay Nagar

Company Name Elegant Fashion

Overview of internship: Internship is open only for the students who have passion for Branding subject.

Company profile: Elegant Fashions started in 2009 with purpose of bringing the next door girl as celebrity in her college n office. Re-defining the Fashion statement for our clients is the motto of our Fashion designers. Our Experienced Fashion designers will blend the client’s preference & latest fashion trends for the creative patterns, which makes our clients into elite group.

Details of internship – Two Months.

Desired profile:

Education: MBA Students

How to apply: Send resume to

7 Responses to “Internship Project for MBA – Marketing Students at Bangalore”

  1. bhushan says:

    Does the company is paying something in the period of Internship…..

    Thansk a lot really nice post…

    Keep it up …


  2. sunil v. rathod says:

    hi this is a good idea give me for the intership project
    thank u

  3. Elegant fashions says:

    The Internship is CLOSED now. Please do not reply. Thanks.

  4. TANUJA BHAT says:

    i am interested in an internship, currently studyin at NIFT hyderabad.. i will forward my resume shortly, what kind of an internship would this be?

  5. Girish Rai says:

    am looking for MBA ( Marketing Students ) for Internship project in Jetking Infotrain Ltd .If Any contact immediate

  6. umer says:

    why the internship is closed,,,,is the capacity full or there is any other reason for the cloosure…

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