Campus Ambassador Program at

Job Title: Campus Ambassador Program at

Job Location: Work from Campus

Stipend: Unpaid

Company Name: The Sports Mirror

Duration of internship: Six Months

Deadline: March 31st, 2011

About Us: is one of the leading and most followed sports website in India and across the World. It is supported by strong army of talented journalists, bloggers & columnists and has been running like a locomotive through the sports blogosphere.

About our Program:

Campus Ambassador Program is intended to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship among Indian college students. As a Campus Ambassador, you shall be expected to:

  1. To increase awareness about “The Sports Mirror” in and around your campus.
  2. To inspire and motivate them towards social innovation, entrepreneurship and employership.
  3. To help build a partnership with your college or university.
  4. To empower every Campus Ambassador to act as a catalyst and become a role model to fellow students.

Who should apply to be a Campus Ambassador?

  1. If you are a student (graduate/undergraduate).
  2. If you are motivated, self-driven, innovative, inspirational, rational and entrepreneurial.
  3. If you have started or thinking to start an initiative within campus.
  4. If you think you have it in you to become a change maker or an entrepreneur.

If your answer is ‘YES‘ to most of the questions above, then go ahead and apply to become a Campus Ambassador. Email us your name, college name and resume at following email before deadline expires!

Please visit our website – or write to us for more info.

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