Weekend Storytelling to Kids at Hospitals

Every Saturday our volunteers and friends visit various hospitals in Delhi for storytelling to the kids admitted there. You can also join them to bring smile to these little angels, with your small story, you will help to ease few minutes of painful time of a child.
During the hospital stays and/or visits, children and their families experience unusual amounts of stress, anxiety and discomfort. Recognising the therapeutic and entertaining nature of the art of storytelling.
The Uday Foundation started storytelling for kids in hospital in the year 2009 till date hundreds of our volunteers have visited various hospitals for storytelling to the kids admitted there.
You can also bring a packet of crayon along with few color books and can make beautiful drawing with the kids.
We will be more than happy, If you join us this weekend and every weekend to bring smile these wonderful kids.

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The Uday Foundation

Uday Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India. All donations are exempted according to the Income Tax Act 80 G of the Government of India

3 Responses to “Weekend Storytelling to Kids at Hospitals”

  1. smitha vrath says:

    I am a student pursuing my engineering and also have a flare in writing and narrating stories. As a child, i have won prizes for story telling competions.
    I see a noble cause in engaging children in the hospitals and would like to join your NGO.
    If i can be proved of any help in hyderabad, please do let me know.

    awaiting for you reply,
    yours sincerely
    smitha vrath

  2. Soorya Sunil says:

    i am a student of psychology from delhi university and i love to help people,would like to join this institution and bring smiles on the faces of those children.
    if i can offer any sort of help please let me know

    yours sincerely
    Soorya Sunil

  3. Safeer says:

    I am a working professional and love to be engaged in such cause.

    I feel i am a natural story teller.


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