The Hot Shot is inviting applications for Campus Ambassadors to be a part of the team!

We @TheHotShot_Org just can’t resist working with amazing students who take initiatives! So, here we are, back again with applications open for the Campus Ambassador Internship Programme 2011! All we can say is that this time, the program is going to be much more challenging, with many more exciting actions, tremendous learning & a lot of fun! And guess what! You can work from anywhere so you can juggle your time and do everything else too.

The programme consists of four aspects and caters for all round development:
1. Online Media and Communications – Reporting & Journalism
2. Promotions and Advertising – Marketing
3. Innovating and Business Planning
4. Human Resource and Administration – Management

Every selected intern will be a part of each of the above mentioned fields to gain a holistic exposure in all the above mentioned areas.

20 Key Responsibilities and How You Benefit:

1. You will be assigned beats. given topics, do live coverage, interview people and much more, and hone your skills of communication, expression, editing and develop your creativity — with effective and constant guidance by our editors.
2. Marketing -Create a buzz about The Hot Shot & educate people about the importance of taking initiatives. Use posters, seminars, social media, college clubs and other creative ideas to publicize The Hot Shot.
3. Share on-campus events (cultural, symposiums, tech-fests, conferences etc) with us so that we can publicize the event on The Hot Shot
4. Innovate and bring your own ideas to The Hot Shot.Be an integral part and experience the unique opportunity to work with a Startup.
5. Opportunity to connect with like-minded and ambitious students across the country – get privileged access to the group – “The Hot Shot” – Network with all the The Hot Shot Campus Ambassadors across India. Make lifelong friends and commitments.
6. Work, Interact & learn from key members of a dynamic start-up team – get mentored on topics related to entrepreneurship & your career.
7. Exposure & recognition on campus with faculty & students.
8. Get Profiled –All Interns get a public profile page on TheHotShot.Org and get to share it with the world.
9. Selected Interns get privileged admin access to build, engage and manage the college community on The Hot Shot and on Facebook.
10. Get personalized TheHotShot visiting cards that you can show off!
11. Get personalized @TheHotShot.Org email ids
12. Bragging Rights! You can credit yourself as an Intern in your email signatures,Facebook , linkedin profile, blogs, personal pages etc.
13. Cool Prizes, Incentives and Goodies.
14. Holistic development and growth.
15. Excellent experience for your resume – Get the skills that could just land you that dream job or college for further studies.
16. Earn the coveted Internship certificate.
17. Recommendation Letter: Personalized action based recommendation letter and reference for all interns who make an impact – Extremely useful while applying for higher studies, MBA or a job.
18. In the editorial training and internship, the interns get to enhance their skills of expression and observation through a process of mutual learning. The internship will give you experience in writing, editing, research, online journalism and much more.
19. Get a fan following and interact with your fans on your Facebook fan page.
20. Not only will you get a chance to be published on TheHotShot.Org, you will also be provided with effective feedback on your work.

The real value of the programme:

The Hot Shot Campus Ambassador Internship programme is not about certificates and goodies (though we give that too!). The program is built to maximize your learning. The programme provides a powerful networking platform which brings together some of the best student minds across the country to collaborate and share ideas. The actions in the program are designed to enable amazing hands-on experience on community driven marketing and Reporting. The program also enables mentor-ship & learning through continuous interactions with the dynamic start-up team @ TheHotShot_Org.

Your value from the program is directly action based – you do a great job – you learn the most and most importantly we’ll be happy to give you a personalized recommendation letter and a reference which would be extremely beneficial when you’re applying for your higher studies, job or MBA.


We are not looking for high GPAs,percentages or prior experience,just the passion,ambition and action would do!

To Apply:

To Apply: Send in a mail to with the subject as “Application for Campus Ambassador Internship Programme” with the following contents:
1. A copy of your resume along with your photograph
2. Mention “Why you fit and deserve the role” within 70 words  and a sample article exclusively for The Hot Shot on any given social topic of your choice.

If you are selected,you’ll be invited for a telephonic interview followed by your selection and initiation into The Hot Shot team.

Loads of Love 🙂

The Hot Shot

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  1. neha

    on March 4, 2011 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    i want to knw the duration of the project n also its commencing time.

  2. jyoti jain

    on March 18, 2011 at 10:13 am - Reply

    dear reader
    i am jyoti jain pursuing mba in marketing.i want to go for internship in advertising in the month of june-july.could you please tell me whether i am eligible for same or not.looking forward to your response.

  3. Farha Khan

    on June 25, 2011 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    Dear Students

    I am Student of MBA – HR from Delhi. I am doing my summer internship in PF Infotech as a Asst. HR.
    You can also apply for “SUMMER INTERNSHIP” here
    HR/Marketing/Finance and other MBA/PGDM/BBA students
    You can contact directly
    PF Infotech Private Limited
    or call: +91-8791-366-930

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