Rural Promotion and awareness through cartoons

Rural Promotion and awareness through cartoons is a project in which Drishtee Intern needs to promote cartoon character as means of communication and awareness building among rural community. With this regard we want to avail the services of an expert cartoonist with experience in creating characters.

Objectives of the project

  • Rural Promotion through cartoons
  • Awareness building through cartoons
  • To create cartoon characters for communication with rural masses
  • Promotional activities of Drishtee through cartoons in rural area
  • To further develop comics and promotional characters created by cartoonist

Role of the intern

  • To create cartoon characters for promotional activities, books and comics
  • To conceptualize the need of cartoon characters and to develop them.
  • To develop cartoons with various emotions basically according to the promotional need of the organization and also for books, services, comics etc.

Resources required

Stationary material, drawing materials such as pencil, paper and colors and also desktop/laptop to digitize the designed cartoon characters

Education Qualifications :

Graduate in fine arts or commercial arts with immense passion to contribute to rural India through creativity and design .


Fresher will do with above educational qualifications , in the field of drawing and cartoon creation .

Skills & Interests

  • Strong Drawing abilities
  • Good in creating cartoon characters
  • Good conceptualization power
  • Creative and good imaginary powers
  • Value proposition for the intern

A great opportunity to understand the promotional needs in rural area. Satisfaction of creating powerful medium for communicating with far away communities where conventional media has limited impact


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