Online marketing and SEO internship

Online marketing and SEO internship with TechEye Creations and Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

2-6 months internship available:

  1. Students from the top MBA/Management and Engineering colleges may apply.
  2. Must have previous experience in online marketing and Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
  3. Must have a good standing in blogging community and preferably a blogger himself/herself
  4. Driven and able to achieve targets in 1/2 the time it takes for a normal person.
  5. Has an good sense of humor in writing and penning thoughts!

The candidates would be selected after a rigorous interview process and would have to demonstrate competent ability in the above requirements. Project experience would be considered as a relevant experience.

Only candidates with serious interest and aptitude for the same may apply.

They may send their resume to:

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