Computers for Rural India (Education) – Drishtee, Noida

Computers for Rural India (Education) – Drishtee Rural Entrepreneurs

Duration: 1 month to 2 month

Ideal Start Date: 1/02/2011

Location: Drishtee office, Noida

Designation: Resource Mobilizer

Stipend: No

Travel Allowance: Yes, as per company policy.

Objectives of the project­: To get the old computers / laptops from big corporates in India as donation through their CSR initiatives for Drishtee Rural Entrepreneurs (Education).

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Graduate with good presentation skills with passion to contribute to the rural sector.

Skills: Good communication and presentation skills

Interests: Social Work, Rural Development

Value proposition for the intern/volunteer: He/she can submit this project to his/her institute and also get the good experience with working in India’s top social enterprise.

How To Apply:

Interested Candidates to apply for this internship send your resume to

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