Community Engagement Project with Drishtee

The stated project is one of the key goals for the objective “Building enduring relationship with the community with shared plans to pursue opportunities and implement rural enterprises of the organisation”.


Build enduring relationships with communities with shared plans to pursue opportunities and implement rural enterprises. Create template to gauge community readiness and opportunity / potential based on key qualitative and quantitative measures.

Mandatory Language  Hindi

Intern’s deliverables: A template for capturing information relevant for effecting enduring partnerships with rural communities.

Resources required:

1.            Human skills for interacting with the community

2.            Research skills related to gathering of data and analyzing the same

3.            Good spreadsheet skills for creating a measurable template

Drishtee is presently covering nearly 5000 villages with its range of services and products. It plans to take up 500 of these villages under its Model Village program by 2015. The template, once developed, would be utilised to capture necessary information, essential for developing a common plan of action for each of these 500 villages.

Education Qualifications :

MSW/Experienced graduates/Any other individual with relevant experience

Skills & Interests

Research, Analysis, Need Assessment, Spreadsheet and Documentation skills

Value proposition for the intern

The intern would gain immensely during the project as he/she would understand rural India really well. The experience would be most fulfilling as the project involves the front end field interactions and back-end work on creating the template.


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  1. Pawan says:


    I wish to know if the interns would be paid any stipend for this. Would MBA HR be considered?

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